We Are Humanists Libya

Humanists Libya is NGO aiming to create a humanist society that believes in coexistence and acceptance of others, regardless of color, gender, belief, or sexual orientation. It envisions an ethical community that values the dignity and worth of each individual by promoting principles of human rights, equality, and non-discrimination. This society advocates for human progress through empirical knowledge and rejects superstition.”

Humanist WANA Heritage


Many who want to attack humanist ideas label them as a Western construct, aiming to undermine our authenticity in the region and asserting that they are a form of dependency on the other. In the articles section, we delve into how humanist thought is embraced by numerous thinkers and intellectuals in our region, much like in other parts of the world. We discover philosophers and humanist thinkers deeply rooted in our region who have believed in these ideas for decades. These articles and other humanist topics and discussions can be found in the Articles section.


Many Humanist Books and new Articles are now available in Arabic. You can now Also Read the Amsterdam Declaration 2022 for the first time in Arabic.